“I found this workshop extremely useful and informative and feel I learned a lot. Alec was excellent, personable, professional and very informative whilst engaging very well with participants. I would highly recommend this programme.”

Helen Prendergast, Founder More to Explore

“I am delighted to have attended. I thought it was very good and went very well. The presentation structure, content, references, delivery and management of the role plays were excellent. Well done.”

John Riordan, Senior Business Executive

“This was an excellent introduction to the Theory of Negotiations. We covered a lot of ground in a very short space of time. I found the peer feedback extremely helpful and it was great to see the academic concepts actually work in practice.”

Ralph Coakley, Managing Director, IMSTec Ireland

“Terrific course, practical for anyone involved in workplace negotiations.”

Pearse McCarthy, SIPTU (Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union)

“Alec’s style of training engendered a camaraderie among attendees that gave great value to the role play sessions.  Quite inspiring!”

Emma Snapes, Quality Supervisor, University College Cork

“A fantastic introduction to the Method, Theory and Practice of Negotiation.  A worthwhile workshop for an introduction to the topic.”

Diarmuid O’Dwyer, Shop Steward, SIPTU

“Once Alec explained in his introduction that  his workshop wasn’t going to involve turning to the person on our right and finding out more….. he had my attention. The workshop for me re-iterated how our daily interactions  involve an array of negotiations; some mild,others not so. I obtained an over-view of practical skills and a starter kit of practical tips for effective negotiations in working towards an outcome which all parties can commit to.

The balance of theory and practical application through exploring various scenarios was pitch perfect and Alec’s non-directive and refreshing honesty in facilitation added  to the whole learning experience.”

Ann Riordan, Youthreach Coordinator, Department of Education and Skills

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