Developing Trusted Methodologies…

This workshop is aimed at providing participants with a solid foundation in their ability to negotiate effectively.

It will introduce participants to academic aspects of Negotiation Theory, its development, its direction and most importantly, its practical application.

Participants will be encouraged to assess and expand their own negotiation styles, to transform and merge their own experiences and to evolve new skills and competencies.

All of the dominant theoretical concepts are described, with appropriate sources for private study later on. Participants are encouraged to develop their proficiency well beyond the workshop. It will direct them to the sources of knowledge most applicable to them and provide them with the methodology to continuously refine their negotiating skills.

Participants will have a better understanding of what works well for them as individuals. They will also be better able to recognise and manage the potential pitfalls that can spoil negotiations.

  • Positional Bargaining

  • Anchoring

  • Hard-Ball Tactics and Responses

  • Impasse-Breaking Techniques

  • Collaborative Strategies

  • Conflict Management

  • Starting with No

  • Internal and External Management of the Negotiation Process

  • Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

  • Addressing Power Imbalances

  • Reducing the Reliance on Trust

  • Caucusing